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Ahead of the curve

A global AI software company with a suite of Expert Knowledge Automation solutions.
High Trust Automation. Done Well. By Design.

Human knowledge
reimagined through
genius automation. 

  • Innovation: We enhance our established Expert Knowledge Automation software with thoughtful integration of Ai, expanding the possibilities within enterprise solutions.
  • Efficiency: Our software solutions significantly streamline workflows, supporting businesses in maintaining competitiveness and effectiveness.
  • User-centric: We focus on intuitive, user-friendly design in our software development, aiming to enhance user experiences and facilitate easier operations.

Our solutions


Smarter Drafter is a leading provider of automated legal documents for small and mid-sized law firms in Australia. It's a plug-and-play solution that enables law firms to get started with document
automation immediately.


Rulestar is a no-code automation platform that enables you to automate even highly sophisticated documents by capturing the knowledge of subject-matter experts and placing it in the hands of your team
and Clients.

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