High Trust Automation.
Done Well. By Design.

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High Trust Automation.
Done Well. By Design.

Team Tensis is a meeting

Expert knowledge reimagined through automation

Team Tensis is a meeting

Tensis builds software that improves complex business processes, using automation and AI to solve problems with critical data.

We are distilling expert knowledge into structured, auditable and repeatable processes across multiple verticals, empowering professionals as we go.

We've got high aspirations of global expansion, a world-class team and a suite of solutions... and we're just getting started.

The capabilities we bring

Automation Capability


By automating manual processes, we improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of output. We do this through ahead-of-the-curve technologies that are inaccessible to the average user.

Artificial Intelligence Capability

Artificial Intelligence

Our approach to AI delivers secure and highly personalised solutions. Our state-of-the-art models continually adapt to and assimilate new information ensuring we remain best in class.

Machine Learning Capability

Machine Learning

State-of-the-art is a moving target. Machine learning underpins decision-making every step of the way. Through continual analysis, we deliver solutions that augment the way you work, not change it.

Our solutions

Smarter Drafter Product
Smarter Drafter Logo
Smarter Drafter

Smarter Drafter automates the creation of legal precedents, from online instruction-taking to eSignature.

Rulestar Logo

Rulestar leverages an advanced infrastructure to automate content across diverse verticals within highly regulated industries.

Rulestar Product

Our business is built on data and insights

Data Analytics

Data Analysis

We analyse a huge number of data points to create a series of key insights, which we then build into our product roadmap. The Smarter Drafter roadmap was built from over 100,000,000+ data points and counting.

Data Security

Data Security

We’re acutely aware of the sensitive and critical nature of the data our customers work with, including both client data and their own internal IP.  Our employees, AI and cyber policies ensure we don't compromise data security at any stage.

Data Sovereignty

Data Sovereignty

Trust and compliance are paramount. The technology we deliver is hosted and operated in each user’s own country using secure data centers. Our world-class team ensures the confidence expected by users and clients alike.

The Tensis Playbook

Tensis Playbook


Tensis Playbook

World-Class Team

World-Class Team Tensis

We are dedicated to bringing a world-class team together to help us achieve everything we need to.

This began by building a team of directors dedicated to changing the legal industry. We then expanded this core team to find the right people, at the right time, for the right role across the company.

Finally, we worked to build a board and team of advisors who understood our vision and wanted to be part of our ambition for success.

World-Class Team Tensis

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